20.7.2018 - removed backorder function for .sk domains

23.9.2017 - implemented changes in .sk domain zone, implemented https, added search function

7.4.2016 - change of project operator

17.12.2015 - change to freemium model

6.11.2015 - added graphic view of Majestic Citation Flow and Trust flow on domain detail page

27.10.2015 - added user metric called User Rank - user can set parameters for calculating this rank - this rank can be also used for domains list on email

13.10.2015 - in domains list on email added option -> domains which contain keyword directly to email, created new metric Reborn Rank

31.7.2015 - created new date option (yesterday to 7 days)

27.7.2015 - backorder for .sk domains

18.5.2015 - domains list on email + sending email after expiration of favorited domain

6.5.2015 - added option to arrange columns in table, added favorited domains

22.4.2015 - launch